Indoor Halloween Trick-or-Treat Game That Kids Will Love

Are you looking for indoor Halloween activities to keep the kids entertained this year? Maybe you don't want to venture out, or local restrictions in your areas have prevented your usual plans? Either way you can still have a safe, fun and memorable Halloween party this year!

How? - you ask? With a Trick-or-Treat Halloween Candy Game for kids. Join me as I tell you more ...

Indoor Halloween Trick or Treat Alternative Your Kids Will Love

This game has been carefully designed and tested to deliver maximum fun and silliness. Suitable for the whole family - from the kids up to grandma, the more the merrier.

It comes with 72 unique cards packed full of challenges or tricks. Before you get started you'll need a few minutes to prepare the game. Grab some scissors, cut out each card and fold them in half. To really immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit find a pumpkin or skull to draw them from. Gather some tasty treats or candy and you are ready to go!

How to play :

Players take it in turns to draw a card from the bowl, or pumpkin. There are five types of cards ;

  • TREAT - Help yourself to a tasty treat.
  • CHALLENGE - Complete the challenge, if successful gain a treat.
  • TRICK - Complete the trick.
  • SWAP - Swap treats with another player.
  • FORFEIT - Give one of your treats to another player.

Here are few examples of some challenge cards :

Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge Cards

Fun, hey? Our family has made such funny memories using this game. Like the time my nephew opened the front door to howl like a wolf just as our neighbour opposite was coming home or the silly spooky names we still call each other.

Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge Cards

The game comes with blank cards so you can make your own personal challenges too! So, there you have it - a fun and safe way to spend Halloween at home with your family or at a Halloween party this year. Staying in to Trick-or-Treat is the new going out!



I hope you'll have a heap of fun with this game! If you have any creative ideas for Halloween challenge cards I'd love to here them :) Please comment below! 

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