How Was Your Year? Conversation Cards To Share With Family

It's good to talk, and is easy not too. This Christmas holiday make the most of family and being together with these Christmas and New Year conversation cards. Share the most memorable moments of your year and goals for the year ahead. Perfect for a family dinner table, Christmas party or New Year celebrations.

How Was Your Year? Christmas Conversation Cards To Share With Family and Friends

These printable year in review conversation cards make for a perfect ice breaker for extended families and new acquaintances or for sharing over a dinner table, or a drink, with close family and friends. Cut out each card and store them together in a jar. Take it in turns to draw a card and answer the question. No rules, or points awarded, just the start of an interesting conversation between friends and family.

Let me ask you - what was the best moment of your year?

Christmas and New Year Conversation Card Examples

  1. Describe your year in one word.
  2. Biggest lesson learned this year.
  3. Your goals for the year ahead.
  4. Best advice you received this year.
  5. Most memorable moment in pop culture.
  6. Best TV show of the year.
  7. Most moving news story of the year.
  8. Most delicious food eaten this year.
  9. Funniest moment you had with family this year.
  10. Which event from this year had a big impact on you.

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