How to Setup + Host A Halloween Scavenger Hunt Kids Will Remember!

Are you looking to mix things up this Halloween? Fancy a new Halloween tradition or just a break from trick-or-treat and a new way to entertain the kids? A Halloween scavenger hunt is the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy the holiday together. It may sound intimidating to setup but hosting a scavenger hunt at home really is a piece of pumpkin pie. Join us as we walk you through it, share our top tips and some free Halloween scavenger clues as we go.

How to Setup + Host A Halloween Scavenger Hunt Kids Will Remember!

How to host a spooktacular Halloween scavenger hunt this year :

The one thing you need for a successful Halloween scavenger hunt, besides the candy (obvs), is some frightful clues. Kids respond well to rhymes, riddles and puzzles so try to use all your creative juices to think of unique clues for common household objects or locations you have at home. I’ll share some of my favourite Halloween scavenger clues in a minute. But first, some tips!

How to Setup + Host A Halloween Scavenger Hunt Kids Will Remember!

Step one : Write some spooky clues

When writing scavenger hunt clues I have always found it easiest to start with the clue location and work backwards to find a rhyming word that you can use in your riddle. Here is an example ;

My clue location is a TABLE. Using a rhyming word website I can easy search for related sounding words. A great example of a word that rhymes with table is FABLE. The word fable lends itself to children and also gives a little direction and some possibility when writing my clue. Here's what I came up with ;


If you are seeking Halloween treats, there is one place I’d peek.
I promise this isn’t a FABLE, look under the _____.

Get the idea? Let try another one. Our clue location is BED, a rhyming word we could use is HEAD.


There is nothing to dread where you lay your HEAD.
You’ll find your next clue near your ___.

Here is one more for luck. Can you solve it?


I’m cold like a vampire and give you chills like a ghost.
I’ll give you a TEASER the next clue is in the ________.



Popular indoor scavenger hunt locations.

Here are a list of items, or locations, that lend themselves well to scavenger hunts as they are often spread throughout a house and are items kids would be familiar with.

  • A shoe.
  • A book, or bookcase.
  • Freezer.
  • Mirror.
  • Front Door.
  • Doormat
  • School bag.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Bike.
  • Broom.
  • Sink.
  • Oven.
  • Lamp.
  • Washing machine.
  • Clock.

There are plenty of ideas for outdoor scavenger hunt clues too if you wanted to incorporate them into your hunt. Here are a few suggestions :

  • A squeaky gate.
  • A tool shed.
  • A bird feeder.
  • A BBQ.
  • Solar lights.
  • Hose pipe.

What am I?

Coal in my belly, steel on my feet.
When I get hot it’s time to eat.


Step two : Plan your route

Gather all your clues and make a note of each solution. When planning your route try to send children racing from one area of the house to another - this adds to the excitement and also helps prolong the fun for as long as possible.

Starting with your first clue hide the next card at it’s solution and so on. Here is an example of a route to better illustrate ;

  1. You give your child the first clue, it’s solution is TABLE.
  2. Underneath the table hide clue number two. It’s solution is the BATHROOM.
  3. In the bathroom hide the third clue. The solution to this clue is outside in the TOOL SHED.
  4. In the tool shed hide clue number four. The solution to this clue leads kids to the BOOKCASE. Etc ….



Step three : Don’t forget the candy

Most importantly (for your children) will be the Halloween candy. You can either hide some at each clue location for them to pick up en route route or leave a larger surprise at the final card. Want a treat heavy scavenger hunt? Do both! Just remember to brush your teeth afterwards ;-)

Looking for more of a challenge?

Are your kids seasoned scavenger hunters? Got a clever kid who loves riddles? Why not host a puzzle scavenger hunt instead. At each location leave something that needs to be solved in order to reveal the next location. You could use ciphers - plenty of which are online - or create a family quiz or a task to do to reveal the next card. A puzzle or a forfeit for example.


I hope you’ll have a heap of fun planning and setting up your own Halloween scavenger hunt this year. I’d love to hear all about it below so please do leave a comment.

Happy Halloween!

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