Host a Wedding Trivia Quiz and Keep Your Guests Entertained

One thing a lot of us enjoyed during the challenges of the last few years was a quiz. Whether is was over Zoom, by email, text, with family, strangers or in person and with neighbors. We enjoyed picture quizzes, riddles, news quizzes or more. They brought us together and most importantly provided plenty of fun.

Why stop there? You may not think a wedding is the perfect situation for a trivia quiz. It's time to think again.

Host a Wedding Trivia Quiz and Keep Your Guests Entertained

A wedding quiz is a novel - and fun! - way to entertain guests during your wedding breakfast or cocktail hour and works as a fun ice breaker for guests. Grab yourself some quiz questions and answers, make a copy for each table and find some prizes for the winners.

Keep reading for some free wedding trivia quiz questions.

How To Play

Give each table a copy of the wedding trivia quiz, an answer sheet and a pen. Strictly no mobile phones! This rule allows guests to enjoy the day in full without distractions. Guests have the duration of the meal to complete the quiz and submit their answers - you could also play, and collect answers, in rounds and in between dishes and speeches. A running total of the scores could add some additional fun and competitiveness to the day too, if required.

Use a joker!  To spice thing give each team one joker card to use. They may play their joker during one of the rounds to score double points. The gamble is if they get a question wrong they score zero for that round instead.

Allocate prizes for the top scorers, best team name, funniest answer, most competitive players and dish them out before the evening party starts.

Quiz Round Ideas

To make a wedding trivia quiz as inclusive as possible for all guests I'd suggest using a variety of rounds, of varying difficulty and subjects. Try to cater for all ages groups and interests. You want people to participate as a team together so don't make it too easy for them either! Here are a few suggestions for fun and varied quiz rounds. Pick your favourites, or make your own. 

  • Quiz about the Bride and Groom.
  • Questions on the honeymoon location.
  • Famous couples.
  • Music (Love Songs).
  • Romantic Films.
  • Wedding Traditions.
  • Wedding Anniversary Gifts.
  • Pop Culture (TV and Film).
  • History. 

10 Wedding Trivia Quiz Questions

Feel free to use these questions as a starting point or just to test your own knowledge :)

  1. Get Me to the Church on Time is a song composed and written for which musical?
  2. What is the traditional colour of a bride's dress in China?
  3. How many times did actress Elizabeth Taylor marry?
  4. Which comedian once said, “Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again so is a bicycle repair kit.”?
  5. The capital of Turkmenistan means 'city of love', can you name it?
  6. Who once said 'to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance'?
  7. What is widely regarded as 'the most beautiful monument to love ever made'?
  8. Name the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Cupid?
  9. Who wrote the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love whilst in the bath?
  10. In 1537, which English King declared February 14 the holiday of St. Valentine's Day?

Answers below :)



    Wedding Trivia Quiz Answers

    1. My Fair Lady
    2. Red
    3. Eight times (to seven men)
    4. Billy Connolly
    5. Ashgabat
    6. Oscar Wilde
    7. The Taj Mahal
    8. Eros
    9. Freddie Mercury
    10. Henry VIII
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