Have Fun on Mothers Day and Play the Hilarious Game of Friendly Feud

Have Fun on Mothers Day and Play the Hilarious Game of Friendly Feud

Add a little friendly competition to your Mother's Day celebrations, compete in teams and play Mother's Day Friendly Feud! The fun family game of finding top answers and scoring points. Let us teach you how to play this team game, perfect for 8-10 people, and offer you some free Mother's day themed friendly feud questions you can enjoy with your family too.

How to play Mother's Day Friendly Feud.

First, you may be wondering how to play Mother's Day Friendly Feud. This game is driven by a host who, like the game show, reads questions, reveal answers and awards points. Sort yourself into two equal teams, grab yourself some buzzers (anything that makes a noise), make a mock podium and let’s get started.

Each feud begins with a FACE OFF. The host selects a question card and invites a player from each team up to the podium to try and take control of the question by giving the most popular answer. If the player who buzzed first gets the highest ranked response on the list their team can choose to PLAY or PASS the question.

If the player who buzzed in first doesn’t get the highest ranked answer the competitor gets a chance to answer and steal control. The player with the highest ranked answer chooses to PLAY the question or PASS.

Players on the controlling team take turns guessing an answer. Each player has five seconds to answer and there is no conferring. If the team can guess all of the answers on the board they win the round and all the point revealed ; 100 points.

If they fail to answer or give an incorrect answer they gain a STRIKE. Three STRIKES and the team looses control of the board and play passes to the opposing team. The opposing team can confer and has one chance to come up with ONE of the remaining responses. If they guess correctly they win all the points revealed so far. If they fail the other team gets the points. Play four rounds, or 6 for a longer game - the team with the most points win!

Scroll down for some free Mothers' Day Friendly Feud questions.

Mother's Day Friendly Feud Questions

1. Name something a mother does for free that should command a high salary.

  • Cooking - 41
  • Cleaning - 24
  • Raising Children - 17
  • Laundry - 7
  • Driving Kids - 6
  • Washing Up - 5

2. Name something a new mother might miss after the baby arrives.

  • Sleep - 38
  • Going Out - 26
  • Freedom - 15
  • Friends - 12
  • Peace and Quiet - 6
  • Work - 2
  • Baby Bump - 1


3. Name something specific that mothers are always telling their kids to put on.

  • Jacket - 35
  • Sweater - 25
  • Sunscreen - 20
  • Shoes - 9
  • Seatbelt - 5
  • Hat - 3
  • Deodorant - 3

4. Name something your mother might teach you to do.

  • Cook - 43
  • Read - 20
  • Tie Shoes - 16
  • Clean - 9
  • Gardening - 7
  • Make Bed - 5
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