Fun and Unique Advent Calendar Ideas For Adults and Kids

Make the magic of Christmas last 24 days and this holiday season enjoy the lead up to Christmas just as much as the big day itself. While it’s easy to pick up a store-bought calendar filled with chocolates, sweets or other bits and bobs a DIY advent calendar is so much more personal and unique. Plus it's fun to make your own! These fun and unique advent calendar ideas are the perfect budget friendly way to celebrate at home this year.

Fun and Unique Advent Calendar Ideas For Adults

Fun and Unique Advent Calendar Ideas For Adults

Puzzle Advent Cards

The fun way to test puzzle and riddle lovers in your family during Advent this year. 48 cards featuring unique puzzles, emoji quizzes, dingbats, alphanumerical and more! Cut each card out individually and sort them into your advent calendar. You could even make things more challenging by holding the advent reward (chocolate or candy) hostage until the puzzle or riddle is solved for the day.

Quiz Advent Cards

Do you have a trivia fan in your household? Challenge them to a quiz question for each day of Advent - the fun and lighthearted way to encourage more holiday spirit and to add some friendly competition to an Advent calendar.

What cartoon do families in Sweden sit down to view on Christmas Eve? What alcoholic drink is added to lemonade to make a Snowball? What name is given to a male turkey? Find out the answers to all these questions and more with the fun Christmas trivia quiz advent cards.

Joke Advent Card

This one is great for older kids, or for young at heart adults. Who doesn't like a cheesy joke after all? Lighten up your advent calendar with some fun Christmas related jokes. What does Rudolph want for Christmas? How do you know when Santa’s around? You'll be laughing, sometimes groaning, in the lead up to Christmas with these.

One for the kids ...

Advent Cards for Kids

A collection of 40 different cards including suggested activities and perks for your children if they are well behaved. From baking cookies, no chore days, staying up late to watch a Christmas film and more.

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