Entertain Guests With a Game of Wedding Speech Bingo

Entertain Guests With A Game of Wedding Speech Bingo

Let's be honest, weddings can sometimes be a bit daunting for guests. Mixing with new people, sharing a meal and a dance floor with strangers. A wedding game is the perfect opportunity to unify and make new friends, provide conversation starters and some additional fun. The game - wedding bingo of course, because everyone loves a game of bingo!

How to Setup and Play Wedding Speech Bingo

Our wedding speech bingo game includes 16 unique bingo calling cards ; each with a unique selection of nine words or phrases. Print a card for each of your tables and provide a pencil or pen. The idea is for the group to work together and listen carefully during the speeches for key phrases and cross them off their card one at a time.

The first table to cross out all their squares and get a full house shouts out Bingo! (even better if they interrupt mid speech) and wins. The prize can be whatever you decide. Perhaps a round of drinks for the table, an extra pudding, a song choice for the DJ, a small gift and more.


Example Wedding Speech Bingo Phrases

Here are a few examples of the phrases you'll find on the wedding speech bingo cards. Feel free to use them if creating your own set at home.

  • Lost without
  • My wife and I
  • For those who don't know
  • I can't believe
  • On a serious note
  • Mother in law
  • We first met
  • Raise a glass
  • I'll make this quick
  • Soul mate
  • The dress
  • Nervous
  • Enough from me
  • Handsome
  • A match made
  • Perfect
  • Blown Away
  • Ushers

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