Brighten Up Diwali with Charades - The Fun Family Party Game!

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and lots of fun. While traditional activities like lighting diyas, exchanging gifts, and feasting on delicious sweets are a must, why not add a twist to the festivities with a game of Diwali charades? It's a perfect way to bring everyone together and create some unforgettable memories.

Brighten Up Diwali with Charades - The Fun Family Party Game!

What is Diwali Charades?

Diwali charades is a game where players act out words or phrases related to Diwali, while others try to guess what they are portraying. It is a fun group game the whole family can play with no limit to how many people can participate!

How to Play Diwali Charades?

Playing Diwali charades is as easy as lighting a diya!

Divide your group into equal teams and give yourself a winning team name. To play charades each team should take it in turns for one person to draw a card and act - without talking - what is depicted on the card. Their teammates have 1 minute to correctly guess the card. Each card that your team can correctly guess is worth 1 point. If your team fails to correctly guess the card play passes to the opposing team ; they can confer and have an opportunity to steal the card from you.

Remember, the goal is not just to win but to have a blast and create lasting memories. So, let your imagination run wild and enjoy the festive spirit of Diwali with a game of Diwali charades.

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