Download and Play Christmas Complete the Carol - The Singing Party Game!

Looking for new ways to have fun this Christmas? Hosting a party? Friends and family coming over and looking for a game that everyone can play; from kids to grandparents? We've got you covered! Christmas Complete the Carol is a hilarious singing party game of missing words. Let us teach you how to play.

Christmas Complete the Carol Game - The Singing Party Game of Missing Words

How to play Christmas Complete the Carol Lyrics Game

Complete the Carol is a fun party game that the whole family can play and enjoy. Split yourself into equal teams, or play individually if you are feeling confident. The object of the game is to correctly fill in the missing words of popular Christmas carols.

The team with the player who is dressed the most festive starts. One player from the opposing team should draw a card and read the carol lyrics aloud to them. The team should attempt to complete the missing words of the song. Each card has three words missing and three points available. Each missing word a team can identify scores them one point. For a more competitive game use a timer ; we suggest setting it for 30 seconds per card.

Stuck and need a clue? For a one point penalty a team can ask for a clue and are provided with the song title (you’ll find this at the top of each card).

Play 8 cards per team ; the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

Give it a try!

Can you complete the BLANKS in these popular Christmas carols? Give us your answers below in the comments.

1. Follow me in BLANK measure, Fa la la la la la la la la! While I BLANK of Yuletide BLANK, Fa la la la la la la la la!

2. Frosty the BLANK, was a jolly happy BLANK, With a corn BLANK pipe and a button nose.

3. O Christmas BLANK, O Christmas tree! How are thy BLANK so BLANK!

Ready to play? Download today.

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