Christmas Nativity Dice Game - The Fun Christian Printable Game

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate Advent together as a family? Or maybe you are in need of a fun printable game to entertain your Church group or Sunday school this Christmas. Look no further - our 'Roll a Nativity' holiday dice game should be right up your street. Simply print and play.

Christmas Nativity Dice Game - The Fun Christian Printable Game

How to Play Roll a Nativity Christmas Dice Game

Our best selling Christmas dice games are a lot of fun, all you need to play is two standard six sided dice and some crayons. This Roll a Nativity game is perfect for celebrating Advent at home, at Church with friends, school or elsewhere and works great with groups. On your turn roll two dice, add up the total and draw an item to complete your nativity scene ; first to complete all the items and their drawing wins. You can re-roll one dice each turn.

  • Roll a 2 - Draw a manger and baby Jesus.
  • Roll a 3 - Draw Mary.
  • Roll a 4 - Draw Joseph.
  • Roll a 5 - Draw an angel.
  • Roll a 6 - Draw a palm tree.
  • Roll a 7 - Draw a donkey.
  • Roll a 8 - Draw a sheep.
  • Roll a 9 - Draw a shepherd.
  • Roll a 10 - Draw the three wise men.
  • Roll a 11 - Draw the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
  • Roll a 12 - Draw the star of Bethlehem.
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