Play The Christmas Dice Rolling Gift Stealing Exchange Game!

Roll up, roll up. Will you get the luck of the dice and walk away with the best gift on offer at the Christmas gift exchange? Who will win the bonus gift or walk away with a piece of coal? Don't get too comfortable with the gift you are holding, anything is possible in this fast paced and fun Christmas dice exchange game! Let us teach you how to play!

Play The Christmas Dice Rolling Gift Stealing Exchange Game!

How to Play Christmas Roll The Dice Gift Exchange Game

Form a circle and place all the gifts (one for each player) in the centre. Starting with the most festively dressed player, invite everyone one at a time to pick a gift. No opening, peaking or shaking of presents. Players may not choose the bonus gift.

Once all gifts have been selected, and before starting the game, it is time to assign the bonus gift. Each player has one opportunity to roll three dice - the player with the highest combined total takes starting possession of the bonus gift. Whoever has hold of the bonus gift at the end of the game keeps it and finishes the game with two gifts - lucky them!

Players take it in turns to play ; on their turn they roll three dice, add up the combined total and perform the associated action. Continue playing clockwise until either everyone has had a turn, or (for a longer game) when you have circled twice or three times.

At the end of the game unwrap the gift you are holding, if it isn’t already. This is your prize! Congratulations, hope it’s a good one.

Ready to play?

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