Challenge Your Family to a Spooky Halloween True or False Quiz

Challenge Your Family to a Spooky Halloween True or False Quiz

This Halloween gather your family and friends, organize yourself into teams and add a little friendly competition with a fun game of Halloween True or False. This family holiday party game can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old, and makes for a fun trick-or-treating alternative or for a Halloween party at home.

How to Play Halloween True or False Quiz

On your turn a player of the opposing team draws a card and reads a fact aloud to you. It is up to you, working alone or in teams, to decide if the fact is true or false. If you answer correctly you keep the card and gain one point.

Play first to reach 10 points, or until all the cards are gone for a longer game. 

Example Halloween True or False Question Cards

Are the following statements true or false?

  1. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
  2. According to tradition, bobbing for apples is meant to promote fertility.
  3. In Italy, priests are not allowed to perform weddings on Halloween.
  4. The mask for Michael Myers in the classic 1978 film ‘Halloween’ was based on a mask of William Shatner (Star Trek’s Captain Kirk).
  5. There hasn't been a full moon on Halloween for over 100 years.
  6. In Japan a Halloween Owl visits children and brings them candy.

Answers below. 


    1. True
    2. True
    3. False
    4. True
    5. False
    6. False
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