6 of the Best Printable Games for Celebrating Christmas in July!

Celebrating Christmas in July? Why limit the celebrations to just once a year - a midsummer Christmas is the perfect excuse to gather with friends, enjoy a meal, give gifts and play some games! Getting excited? These top 6 printable Christmas games for families will offer hours of fun and memory making moments. Download your favorites and play today.

6 of the Best Printable Games for Celebrating Christmas in July!

6 of the Best Printable Games for Christmas in July

All these printable Christmas games are packed full of fun, are easy to play and can be printed and played in minutes. If the question is "What shall we play this Christmas in July" - take your pick and enjoy!

1. Christmas Friendly Feud

Christmas Feud, our best selling and most popular holiday game, is the perfect fit for celebrating Christmas in July. This hilarious party game of guessing top answers is great for groups and works well for all ages. Can your team guess the most top answers and score the most points for your team?

2. Christmas True or False

Christmas True or False is the perfect after dinner game - it's relaxed, there are no rules to learn and anyone can play. Better still, you'll all learn something too. Take it in turns, in groups or playing individually, to guess if a Christmas fact is true or false. Were the first artificial Christmas trees produced by a toilet brush manufacturer, for example? Or does Iceland celebrate 13 different Santa’s at Christmas? The perfect game for Christmas in July, or anytime of the year.

3. Christmas Blankety Blank

This Christmas family game is one you'll want to play again and again. The object of the game is to match your answers with as many of the other players on your team possible and score the most points. The game is all about filling in blanks. For example, someone might read out the card : "My partner cooks for me every night. It's not that I don't appreciate the effort, but I wish they knew how to turn the BLANK on." What word would you use to fill in the blank? Each answer that matches another player on your team scores points. Plenty of fun here - tick!

4. Christmas Jeoparty Trivia Quiz

This fun Christmas trivia party game is perfect for celebrating with friends and families. Select someone to act as a gameshow host, they read a question aloud - the first team to buzz in answers. If the team answers the question correctly they earn the associated points on the board (100, 200, 300, 400 or 500) and gets to choose the next spot to play. If the team answer incorrectly deduct the points from their total (minus numbers if necessary) and play passes to another team to buzz in and answer. This fact paced game of trivia, waging points and outsmarting opponents brings a little competitiveness to your Christmas in July celebrations.

5. Christmas 'Can You Name Them'

Based on Family Feud this new original holiday team game is all about waging points and completing Christmas lists. For example - how many best selling Christmas toys from the 90s can you name? What about the top 20 rated Christmas films on IMDb? or the first countries in the world to celebrate Christmas? Place your bets and answer - careful if you get an answer wrong the opposing team could steal.

6. Christmas Gift Exchange Game

A yankee swap, sometimes called a white elephant exchange, is such a fun way to exchange gifts with family, friends or work colleagues. Will you be passing your gift to the player most likely to be on a reality TV show, the one wearing novelty socks, the biggest animal lover, most likely to survive on a desert island and many more. 

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