52 Free + Fun Family Activity Ideas That Kids Will Love!

Are you looking for fun family activities that don't cost the Earth? Maybe you are living on a budget or trying to be frugal with money? That doesn't mean you still can't have heaps of fun with your children during the holidays or on weekends!

52 Free + Fun Family Activity Ideas That Kids Will Love!


Let's get started. We've complied a list of our top 52 suggestions of inexpensive activities to do as a family - one for every week of the year, if you want. Use these family activity ideas as you wish - we like to write them all down on pieces of paper and keep them in a family activity jar. On a weekend we'll draw a card and enjoy the activity together. Fun and spontaneous. Give it a go yourself and let us know how you get on!


Here are our top 52 family activity ideas to keep the kids entertained all year round. 

1. Go on a bike ride together and explore somewhere new. Explore a new town or a cycle route you have never tried before.

2. Host a board game night. How about designing a board game about your family? Or playing for household chores - this certainly makes things more competitive in our house!

3. Play hide and seek in the dark.

4. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. How many different types of insect can you find? What about animal tracks? Or different type of leaves? To make this more fun try asking each family member to a write list of items someone else has to find.  Gather your supplies, snacks and go on a hunt - first to cross off all their items wins.

5. Host a karaoke night at home. Dress up as your favourite musicians - why not even record a music video?

6. Make homemade pizzas. Follow this great tutorial for homemade dough and add your own toppings. Yum.

7. Go on a hike and take creative photos. Try taking macro (very close up) photos of insects, leaves and more.

8. Host a murder mystery evening. You'll find some great ideas and freebies here. Invite your friends over, dress up and immerse yourself in your character. Heaps of fun!

9. Host a movie night or have a movie marathon. Transform your living room into a home cinema or watch a film outdoors. Make your own popcorn and snuggle up together.

10. Make homemade ice cream.

11. Try Geocaching. Geocaching is a free worldwide real-world treasure hunt run by volunteers and is great fun, learn more and find geocaches local to you here.

12. Have an around the word dinner and try new food. Visit a supermarket aisle or shop you have never shopped in before? What new foods can you find and try? Pick a theme and run with it. Use chopsticks or eat with your hands - however the locals do.

13. Make family friendly cocktails.

14. Make some decorations for the house using recycled items.

15. Plant a herb garden.

16. Visit a local nature reserve. How many different animals can you spot? Bring some paper and pencils and draw them.

17. Visit a local museum.

18. Draw pictures and write letters to send to family members. There is nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter in the post. Maybe you could write one to your grandparents? Best friend? Or find a new pen pal somewhere exotic?

19. Go out just for dessert. Treat yourself.

20. Host an indoor Olympics. Make up some fun events around the house and complete. Who can balance an egg on their head the longest? Fastest to complete an obstacle course around the garden? Have fun and be creative.

21. Find some interesting textures outside and do crayon rubbings.

22. Make a fort out of bedsheets. Have lunch - or a midnight feast - inside.

23. Make a bug hotel and see what bugs you can attract.

24. Paint stones. Leave them around your neighborhood for others to find.

25. Treat yourself to a spa day at home.

26. Grow something from a seed.

27. Bake cookies. Surprise a friend with a homemade food hamper.

28. Visit a castle or ruin.

29. Do an exercise class together as a family.

30. Make a bird feeder.

31. Make different flavoured cupcakes.

32. Donate items. Sort through the house and each find a box of items to donate to charity.

33. Volunteer your time at a charity or food shelter.

34. Visit a local library and pick out books to borrow. Most libraries offer a "story time" for younger kids where a guest will read a story aloud so time your trip then for an extended visit. Explore the other services that are available - from library clubs, DVD rentals and more.

35. Celebrate like it is Christmas, no matter the month.

36. Camp out in the wilderness, your garden or even your front room.

37. Host a video game championship.

38. Call an extended family member - they decide the activity you do.

39. Go out for ice cream.

40. Make slime. Kids love slime and it's easy to make a home with a few supplies. Try a Google search for slime recipes and you'll find a huge amount of information available. Have fun creating!

41. Make musical instruments.

42. Go to a community concert or event. Most communities have free activities during the summer months - from outdoor concerts, to fairs or splash parks for kids. Try a Google for "free events" and the name of your town to see what is available.

43. Join a community litter clean up. This one is great for the soul and to teach kids the importance of caring for our environment.

44. Learn a magic trick.

45. Do some science experiments. Can you make an exploding volcano, for example?

46. Research and draw your family tree.

47. Make a family time capsule. Collect memorable things that represent your life and your family and seal them together in a box. Bury it in the garden or hide it in the loft with a future date to open it.

48. Join a free YouTube workout programme.

49. Go swimming. Head to the beach, your local pool or splash playground.

50. Feed the ducks. Take a trip to your local park or lake to feed the birds. Don't take bread though, it isn't good for them. Try oats, birdseed or peas.

51. Try star gazing. On a clear night see if you can recognise any of the well known constellations. Looking for somewhere to start to learn about astronomy? Try visiting astronomy for kids.

52. Play crazy golf. If you don't have a suitable course near you, or money is tight, why not try and make your own course? You can use buckets, plastic cups, ramps, boxes and more! Make a few different holes and hold a competition to see who can finish the course in as fewest shots as possible. Heaps of fun!

That's it - our top 52 family activities for you to give a go. Let us know how you get on and if there are any ideas or suggestions you like to do together as a family!

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