52 Couple Date Card Ideas for Going Out and Staying In

Maybe your looking for cheap date night ideas, a homemade gift for a special occasion, paper anniversary ideas, something to surprise your partner with this Valentines Day or more! Couple date cards are fun, creative and offer a variety of fun, romantic and adventurous date night activities that don’t cost the earth.

52 Couple Date Card Ideas for Going Out and Staying In

Below is a list of our top 52 ideas for ‘going out’ dates and ’staying in’ dates, one for each week of the year. Jot each idea on a scrap of paper and put them in a jar. On date night pull one out and enjoy the activity together.

Better still let us do the hard work for you and enjoy our 72 couple date cards and more that we have lovingly designed. Available for purchase below or in store.

52 Couple Date Card Ideas for Going Out and Staying In

Going Out :

1. Recreate your first date together.
2. Try several different restaurants in one night. Have drinks in one, starters in another …
3. Arrange a time and pretend to be strangers at a bar.
4. Go for a drive making only left turns until you reach somewhere interesting.
5. Go out just for dessert.
6. Have a sporting date ; go for a bike ride, a walk or a swim.
7. Get last minute tickets to the theatre.
8. Browse a bookstore and buy each other something to enjoy.
9. Visit an international grocery store and try cooking something new together.
10. Pick a city you’ve always wanted to explore.
11. Sign up to complete a challenge together.
12. Visit something local you’ve never visited before. A zoo, botanical garden or jazz club.
13. Do an escape room together.
14. Go to a flea market and try to find the funniest item you can.
15. Have a night in a hotel.
16. Go apple or berry picking.
17. Try something adventurous like rock climbing.
18. Go to an amusement park for the day.
19. Give miniature golf a try.
20. Call a friend, they decide what you do.
21. Go camping in the wilderness or even your backyard.
22. Surprise your partner with an activity you have planned.
23. Meet up for drinks after work.
24. Go on a tour through your town or city and discover something new.
25. Watch the sunrise then go out for breakfast.
26. Enjoy a coffee and cake at a cafe you haven’t tried before.


Staying In :

27. Get dressed up for a night in of cheap food and drinks.
28. Take it in turns to make each other breakfast in bed this week.
29. Cook each other a delicious meal this week.
30. Write a list of questions you have always wanted to ask your partner.
31. Get up early and take a fitness class together.
32. Make up a scavenger hunt for each other with a small surprise at the end.
33. Have a cheese and wine evening.
34. Learn something new you’ve always both wanted to try. You could bake a loaf of bread or brew your own beer.
35. Play an old childhood game together.
36. Have a karaoke evening and play songs that remind you of each other.
37. Learn how to say something romantic in a new language.
38. Make a couples bucket list of things to do in the next 10 years.
39. Try a new cuisine of take away.
40. Plan a dream vacation.
41. Give each other massages.
42. Dine in the dark and feed each other.
43. Make cocktails at home.
44. Find a new TV show to binge.
45. Turn off all devices and have a candlelit dinner.
46. Indulge in a home spa day.
47. Play cards for household chores.
48. Tackle a jigsaw puzzle together.
49. Have a fondue evening.
50. Invite another couple over for a double date.
51. Plan a movie night of your favourite childhood films.
52. Make homemade pizzas from scratch.


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