20 World Cup Football Quiz Questions to Test Sports Fans

Celebrate the World Cup 2022 with a fun and challenging World Cup football quiz. Which player scored the very first World Cup goal? In which World Cup did players first wear jerseys with their surname on the back? How many World Cup finals have been won on a penalty shoot-out? Find the answers to all these and more and test friends, family and sports fans in your life.

20 World Cup Football Quiz Questions to Test Your Family and Friends

We've carefully curated a World Cup quiz that can be purchased below but here are 20 World Cup football quiz questions to get you started. Test yourself, and others - how many can you answer correctly? Let us know below!

20 World Cup Football Quiz Questions

  1. What award is given to the most outstanding player at each World Cup?
  2. Which player scored the very first World Cup goal?
  3. How many World Cup finals have been won on a penalty shoot-out?
  4. Where was the very first World Cup held?
  5. What did the Iranian national team lose a week before their 2018 World Cup match?
  6. What was the name of the dog that helped recover the World Cup trophy after it was stolen in 1966?
  7. Which was the first African nation to qualify for the World Cup final tournament?
  8. What was the fastest goal in World Cup history - 6, 11 or 18 seconds?
  9. Who holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Cup match?
  10. Who is the only player to have won three World Cup winners medals?
  11. Which country has appeared at every World Cup Finals since the first in 1930?
  12. Out of all the World Cup winners, which club has provided the most?
  13. Who is the oldest player to captain his country at the World Cup Finals?
  14. Which England player was sent off by the towering Danish referee, Kim Milton Nielsen, in the quarter final of the 1998 FIFA World Cup?
  15. Who was sent off for "elbowing" Croatia's Slaven Bilic in the face?
  16. True or False. Substitutes were introduced for the first time at the World Cup in Mexico in 1970.
  17. True or False. Italy was the first country to win two World Cups.
  18. Who, in 1966, won the World Cup and was named European Player of the Year?
  19. Born in 1960, which English international scored 48 goals from 80 caps?
  20. Which Argentinian international scored the controversial 'Hand of God' goal against England?


    1. The Golden Ball
    2. Lucien Laurent
    3. Two
    4. Uruguay
    5. Their shoes
    6. Pickles
    7. Egypt in 1934
    8. 11 seconds
    9. Oleg Salenko
    10. Pele
    11. Brazil
    12. Juventus
    13. Peter Shilton
    14. David Beckham
    15. Laurent Blanc
    16. True
    17. True
    18. Sir Bobby Charlton
    19. Gary Lineker
    20. Diego Maradona


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