25 Free or Cheap Ideas for A Summer of Fun with Kids

Are you already thinking of ways to keep the kids busy and happy this summer holiday without spending a fortune? Summer breaks don't always have to be expensive as there are heaps of cheap or free summer activities that can be found at home or around your neighborhood. This summer holiday print out a list and challenge your family to complete everything on it. Call it 'Our Summer of Fun'!

25 Free or Cheap Ideas for A Summer of Fun with Kids

Below is a list of my favorite free or cheap summer activities for families and for kids. I hope you'll find something you enjoy on the list and it serves as inspiration for all the activities you can enjoy cheaply around you. I'd love to hear the ideas you enjoy in the comments below.

Outdoors in Nature and your Neighborhood

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt - Write a list of items to search for at your local park, nature reserve or countryside. Look for different types of leaves, insects with 4 legs, something man made, an arrow, a funny shaped cloud and more. 

2. Try Geocaching - The free outdoor treasure hunt where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden objects. Hours of fun, creative and very addictive!

3. Go on a bike ride - Search for local cycle routes in your area and head out with a picnic.

4. Go fruit picking - Perhaps you can make your own jam, or bake a cake and decorate it with the fruit you pick?

5. Paint stones for others to find - Leave positive message, funny creatures or more in the park and elsewhere. You may even get some back in return if you ask.

6. Explore a new city or area of your neighborhood - Is there a new ice cream shop you could try?

7. Feed the ducks - Head to your local park, or nature reserve, and feed the ducks. A lovely way to spend a few hours outdoors.

8. Visit a museum - Learn something new and enjoy a free exhibition and trip out.

9. Try a new sport - Gather friends and family and head to the park for a game of tennis, cricket, rounders, tag rugby or anything else you can think of.

10. Visit the local library - Perhaps you could each choose 3 books to borrow or participate in a free activity or book reading event.

At Home - Inside and Out

11. Have a home cinema night with popcorn - Rent a movie, or borrow one from a friend for the night.

12. Hold an outdoor Olympic games - come up with your own events. Who can hop the longest, win a egg and spoon race and more for example.

13. Make a fairy garden - A lovely creative activity for kids to enjoy in their own garden. Perhaps you could write a few notes from the fairy once she has moved in, to keep the magic alive.

14. Make a time capsule and bury it - Write a letter to yourself in the future, include a copy of today newspapers, some photos, a toy or more.

15. Camp in your garden - Or in your living room for the night.

16. Try food from another country - Be adventurous and try a new recipe.

17. Grow something from a seed - You could plant a herb garden, for example.

18. Have a dance party - Each pick your favorite five tunes. Give karaoke a try whilst you are at it.

19. Make homemade pizzas - Invent your own pizza topping combination and give your pizza a name.

20. Invent your own family board game - Play together as a family.

21. Make your own slime - A fun, messy and creative activity for kids.

22. Learn about your family tree - Draw it on paper and learn about your history. You could interview a family member for more information.

23. Host an artwork competition - You could make this weekly and set themes, challenges or prizes.

24. Work on a puzzle together as a family - A perfect activity for a gloomy day or an evening together.

25. Treat yourself to a home spa day - Have a bubble bath, give each other a massage and a foot rub.


I hope you'll really enjoy these 25 free or cheap summer holiday activity ideas with your children and have the best Summer of Fun ever! 

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