25 Christmas Coupon Ideas For Kids

On a budget and looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift this year? Searching for a special gift that is handmade, personal and fun? Or just in need of an unusual stocking figure or a good behavior treat for advent? 

Perfect! Handmade Christmas coupons are a perfect gift for children (and adults!) - packed full of fun activities and rewards that they can dictate. Grab some paper and coloring supplies and join us as I share some of our favorite Christmas coupon ideas for children.

25 Christmas Coupon Ideas For Kids

25 Christmas Coupons Ideas For Kids

1. A home cooked meal of your choice.
2. Family board game night.
3. Sleepover with a friend.
4. Control of the remote for one hour.
5. Pick an extra book to read at bedtime tonight.

25 Christmas Coupon Ideas For Kids

6. Get out of one chore.
7. Home spa day.
8. Build a fort and read a book by torchlight.
9. Thirty minutes extra TV time.
10. One lunch of your choice.



11. One trip to the movies.
12. Desert before dinner.
13. Trip out for ice cream.
14. One really big hug.
15. A drive in the car to see Christmas lights.

25 Christmas Coupon Ideas For Kids

16. Stay in PJs all day.
17. An activity of your choice.
18. One hour of uninterrupted time together.
19. One hot chocolate.
20. Add one item to the grocery list.

25 Christmas Coupon Ideas For Kids

21. One new item of clothing.
22. One trip to the library.
23. Skip one vegetable at dinner.
24. One bag of sweets.
25. Stay up 20 minutes past bedtime.


I hope your kids will have a heap of fun with these coupon cards! I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! What ideas would you use?


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