24 Fun and Free Daily Elf on the Shelf Activity Ideas for Kids

Let's be honest, Christmas is a busy enough time as it is without having to come up with activity ideas for your little seasonal visitor ; the Elf on the Shelf. Go easy on yourself this holiday season and let us help with some free, or budget friendly, holiday activity ideas for children that'll help keep them entertained.

24 Fun Daily Elf on the Shelf Activity Ideas for Kids

Truth is you don't have to spend a fortune, or hours of your time, curating hundreds of activities or bizarre Elf scenarios around the house this December. Your kids will have just as much fun and appreciate simple prompts and activities that you can all enjoy together as a family. The holiday period is about spending time together after all, right?

To help save you time we've carefully curated a set of daily Elf cards that can be purchased and printed at home. If, however, you want to make some DIY Elf cards yourself all you'll really need is some card, scissors, crayons and a little creative imagination. Feel free to use the following activity ideas for your family - I hope you'll really enjoy them. 


24 Free or Budget Christmas Elf on the Shelf Activity Ideas for Children

  1. Decorate the tree.
  2. Write a letter to Santa.
  3. Pick a Christmas movie to watch.
  4. Pick a board game to play.
  5. Bake some Christmas cookies.
  6. Hot chocolate for breakfast.
  7. Host a Christmas dance party.
  8. Read a Christmas story.
  9. Start a food donation box.
  10. Do 5 good deeds.
  11. Read a book in bed with a torch.
  12. Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt.
  13. Stay in PJs all day.
  14. Indoor snowball fight with socks.
  15. Design your own Christmas cards.
  16. Write a Christmas story.
  17. Make Christmas table decorations.
  18. Make a Christmas joke book.
  19. Play Elf hide and seek.
  20. Design, cook and build a gingerbread house.
  21. Surprise a family member and do something nice.
  22. Design a magic key for Santa.
  23. Learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world.
  24. Design everyone a Christmas placemat.
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