24 Christian Advent Activity Ideas for Children

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This Christmas holiday encourage children to learn about Advent, read Bible stories, pray, be kind and generous to others ; the true meaning of Christmas after all. These Christian Advent activity card ideas can be used as a candy replacement in your advent calendar or to create your own Christmas Boredom Jar for children this year.

24 Christian Advent Activity Ideas for Children

24 Christian Advent Activity Ideas for Children

Here are some of our favorite ideas for celebrating Advent with children this year.

  • Find out what the four Advent candles represent?
  • Read a book aloud, as a family, throughout Advent.
  • Design your own advent calendar.
  • Be creative and tell the Advent and Christmas story through a piece of art.
  • Start a gratitude jar.
  • For each letter of the alphabet write down a word associated with Jesus.
  • Draw the Liturgical Year calendar.
  • Design a poster that celebrates Jesus.
  • Make a nativity scene from recycled items.
  • Research a Saint.
  • Make a wreath with items found in nature.
  • Read a Bible story as a family.
    • Fill a box of toys to donate.
    • Do something kind for the planet.
    • Light a candle at church and pray for someone you love.
    • Read the story of Epiphany.
    • Start a food donation box.
    • Write a letter to Jesus and let him know what he means to you.
    • Pray for continued guidance.
    • Do a chore without being asked.
    • Volunteer your time to help someone.
    • Do something nice for your teacher or pastor.
    • Learn about the tradition of a Jesse Tree.
    • Learn how Christmas is celebrated in a country you have never visited.

    Looking for more fun ways to entertain the children this holiday season? A Christmas Boredom Jar is a wonderful suggestion and way to entertain kids with activities, tasks and household chores.

    I hope you'll have heaps of fun with these ideas over Advent - please make sure to share your stories in the comments below and pin the image below so you can come back to this list for next year :)

    Happy holidays!

    24 Christian Advent Activity Ideas for Children

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