20 Super Bowl Quiz Questions to Test Your Family and Friends

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party and in charge of the entertainment? Don't panic - this year test your family and friends with a fun, family friendly, Super Bowl football quiz. We've carefully curated a Super Bowl quiz that can be purchased below but here are 25 Super Bowl football quiz questions to get you started. Test yourself, and others - how many can you answer correctly? Let us know below!

20 Super Bowl Quiz Questions to Test Your Family and Friends

Think you are clued up with your football trivia? Take on these 20 Super Bowl quiz questions and see how well you can do. Let us know below! 

20 Super Bowl Football Quiz Questions

  1. Which was the first wild-card team to win a Super Bowl?
  2. During the first two years, what was the Super Bowl known as?
  3. Who manufactures the Lombardi Trophy?
  4. Which team has played in four Super Bowls but never held a lead?
  5. Who is the only player from a losing team to be awarded Super Bowl MVP?
  6. Who scored the longest touchdown in Super Bowl history?
  7. Which Dallas Cowboy had his helmet stolen at the 1994 Super Bowl?
  8. What interrupted play in Super Bowl XLVII for 34 minutes?
  9. Which was the first team to lose three consecutive Super Bowls?
  10. Who is the youngest coach to go to the Super Bowl?
  11. Which player has the most Super Bowl rings in history?
  12. The most expensive Super Bowl advert ever as for which item?
  13. How many frogs appeared in the memorable Budweiser lily pad ads?
  14. True or false - The 1995 Super Bowl half time show was a live-action Indiana Jones performance.
  15. What performer had a now infamous "costume malfunction" during the half-time show of Super Bowl XXXVIII?
  16. What did Michael Jackson do for about two straight minutes before starting his half-time show?
  17. Which player has the most rushing yards in a Super Bowl?
  18. Which player holds the record for most consecutive completions in a Super Bowl?
  19. How much are Super Bowl half-time performers paid?
  20. Which NFL Hall of Fame player once famously played a Super Bowl with a broken leg?


  1. Oakland Raiders
  2. AFL-NFL World Championship Game
  3. Tiffany & Co
  4. Minnesota Vikings
  5. Chuck Howley
  6. James Harrison
  7. Emmitt Smith
  8. Power outage
  9. Buffalo Bills
  10. Sean McVay
  11. Tom Brady
  12. Amazon Echo
  13. Three
  14. True
  15. Janet Jackson
  16. Stood still
  17. Timmy Smith
  18. Tom Brady
  19. Nothing
  20. Jack Youngblood
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