160 Free Summer Activity Ideas for Kids - Make Your Own Boredom Jar!

This summer put your wallet away and have fun for free at home with a summer boredom jar for kids! The perfect way to enjoy a summer of fun and keep kids occupied with a variety of activity ideas and tasks. Make memories without breaking the bank. 

Summer Boredom Jar Cards - 160 Creative Activity Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained During The Holidays

Summer Boredom Jar for Kids - Printable Free Activity Ideas

Will your children find themselves making a bug hotel, inventing a secret code, help to clean up their community, having a picnic, going on a nature hunt and more! Simply cut out the cards and mix them in a bowl - there is only one rule, you have to complete one before drawing another. Enjoy a summer free from the phrase "I'm bored" and make some fun memories that children will remember. It even includes blank cards so you can write your own! Perfect for those on a budget or looking to have a more meaningful holiday at home.

Download and start your I'm Bored Jar today!

Boredom Jar Activity Ideas

Here are a few example of the fun activities you'll find included in your summer I'm Bored Jar.

  • Design and make a bug hotel
  • Make and bury a time capsule
  • Have a picnic in the garden
  • Make a wind chime
  • Make ice lollies
  • Help clean up your community
  • Invent a new outdoor game
  • Paint a self portrait
  • Go fruit picking
  • Plant a herb garden
  • Go geocaching
  • Toast marshmallows
  • Have a movie night with popcorn
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