10 Fun Lenten Games for Children and Teenagers

As Lent is soon approaching - tomorrow! - it’s time to start to think about some easy ideas to help your children and teenagers celebrate, engage and discover the Christian holiday. Below you’ll find a list of our 10 favorite games and ideas to keep kids of all ages, from little ones to teenagers, engaged. I hope you'll find something you'll enjoy with your family.

10 Fun Lenten Games and for Children and Teenagers

Lenten Activities and Games for Younger Children

1. Lenten Gratitude Dice Game

A fun way for children to express their gratitude and discuss what is important to them. To play you’ll need two standard six sided dice. Take it in turns to roll the dice, you can re-roll each one up to three times. If you get a lucky match complete the answer to the questions. First to complete all the questions wins!


Lent Gratitude Dice Game and 40 Days of Kindness Challenge

2. 40 Days of Kindness Challenge

For each day of Lent complete an act of kindness and record it. A great visual reminder of the positive and kind moments you have shared and a lovely memento of your children's achievements during Lent.


3. Lenten Sacrifice Jar

During Lent and as they make sacrifices and good deeds add a corresponding bean into your jar. Each color bean represents something different from good deeds to prayer. Watch as each small sacrifice adds up to a greater good ; a visual representation of all the good deeds that have been accomplished.


4. Lent Almsgiving Food Donation Box

Help children learn about Almsgiving and encourage them to donate food. This simple act, to think of the good of others before their own, is a tangible way to practice giving alms. Watch as each item added to an empty box adds up to a greater good and a kind donation to those in need.


5. A Lent Tracker

A simple way to help children learn about Lent and visually track their progress. Commit to giving up something for Lent and shade in each square to represent the days you have completed. As the cross fills so does the enthusiasm and commitment.


6. Church Treasure Hunt

Be present, spark curiosity and an interest in the church with this treasure hunt for kids. A list of items to scavenger search for at church, Sunday school and the outdoors.


7. Lenten Activity Cards

40 Lent activity cards for children and families. Encourage children to learn about Easter, read bible stories, pray, be kind and generous to others. Cut each card out and put them in a jar, pull one out for every day of Lent and enjoy the activity together.


Lenten Activities and Games for Older Children and Church Groups

8. Church Connections Word Association Game

Add a little friendly competition to your bible study, church group, Sunday school and more and play Church Connections, a fun and fast paced word association game. What do you think of when I say the word 'Mission', what about 'Silent' or 'Altar'? You must keep the chain of connected words going or risk being eliminated.


9. Bible Forbidden Words Game

Can you get your team to correctly guess the word without saying a forbidden word, you'll best be quick the timer has started and you don't want to pass and lose a point for your team. A lively and fun family friendly game that everyone can get involved in.


10. Christian Conversation Cards

These Christian discussion cards invite your group to talk openly about faith, God and what being religious means. After dinner, with friends, at your Church group or elsewhere draw a card and discuss the question - a great way to connect and spark meaningful conversations.



I hope you'll enjoy all the ideas above, I'd love to hear your comments below. Don't forget to pin this post so you can come back to it year, after year. Wishing you all a wonderful Lent.

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