10 Printable Christmas Games Your Children Will Love!

Put away the Monopoly, hide the family games you always play and give these fun printable family Christmas games a try instead this year. These Christmas games can be enjoyed with family and friends from small groups to larger ones. From Christmas puzzle games, dice games and challenge cards. Something for all kids - fun guaranteed!

 10 Printable Christmas Games Your Children Will Love!

10 Printable Christmas Games Your Children Will Love!

1. Christmas Candy Challenge Game

This fun holiday party game is great for groups of kids and adults too. Take it in turns to pull out a card from the bowl - will you be lucky and get a treat card or will you have to perform a challenge, a swap or give one of your treats to another player. You could find yourself singing a verse of Jingle Bells backwards, doing an impression of someone trying to wrap an animal that keeps moving, pretending to be a snowman melting and more. 

2. Can You Save Christmas Puzzle Game

Take your family on a festive adventure as they solve puzzles, crack codes and save Christmas. A mix of puzzles to solve in varying difficulty, suitable for children aged 8+. Younger children can enjoy the fun, however, they may need more support. A good excuse for everyone to join in! Have a larger group? Print off multiple copies, start a timer and race teams against each other.

Sound good? Here's is the game story :

I really need your help! We have all been so busy at the North Pole ; the elves have been busy in the workshop making toys, the reindeers have been getting in shape, Mrs Claus has been busy making hot chocolate and cookies and Santa has been checking the nice list, twice. I was just checking over the sleigh and giving it a fresh coat of red paint when I noticed it was padlocked! I’ve forgotten the combination! Can you help solve the puzzles, crack the code, unlock the sleigh and save Christmas?

3. Christmas Roll A Snowman

This fun family dice game is one kids really enjoy. All you need to play are two standard 6 sided dice and some crayons. On your turn roll the dice and complete the drawing with your result, first to complete their snowman wins.

4. Christmas Kindness Bingo

This holiday add a little friendly competition and encourage your little ones to be kind and helpful over the season with Christmas kindness bingo cards. How many kind acts can they complete? Complete them all and shout BINGO!

5. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

How many items can they find? Look for flashing lights, reindeers on a roof, giant presents, snowflakes, nutcrackers, polar bears and more. A fun idea for a family activity - perfect for a drive in your PJs to see the Christmas lights.

6. Christmas Roll A Story Dice Game

Christmas Roll a Story is a fun holiday themed dice game to spark children's creativity and encourage them to create and write imaginative stories, comics and poems. Roll a dice five times and write a story with your prompts. Will you be writing about a shy reindeer who visits the North Pole and find a time machine or perhaps you'll create a play about a gentle polar bear who works in a toy workshop and looses a magic key. Three different pages are included for multiple possibilities and combinations.

7. Christmas Photo Challenge

Encourage your family to be creative this holiday season and complete the Christmas photo challenge - 24 different themes and topics to take photos of and encourage imagination. A great way to create some memories, add a little friendly competition or make keepsakes of the season.

8. Christmas Dice Game

Two games included ; Christmas gratitude dice game, a fun way for children to engage and think about what they are grateful for, and Rolling Christmas, a dice rolling game of luck. To play you will need two standard six sided dice. Quick, simple and a lot of fun.

9. Christmas Boredom Jar

Are you used to hearing the phrase 'I'm bored' every minute of the day? Give your kids some direction with these Christmas boredom jar cards - 104 included for you to create your own Christmas I'm Bored Jar at home. A mixture of activities and household chores included - the only rule is you have to complete the card before drawing another. Will your children find themselves tidying their rooms, designing a magic key for Santa Claus, going on a scavenger hunt for stars, donating toys, inventing a secret code, hovering the house and more ...

10. Creative Christmas Activity Bundle

A Christmas activity bundle packed full of creative ideas for your children to enjoy during Advent - spark curiosity in being creative and learning. Can they complete the alphabet treasure hunt? Design a board game about the North Pole? Complete 13 reading challenges? Write some creative short stories? Design an ugly Christmas jumper and more ...

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