10 of the Best Printable Christmas Games for Families

Are you looking for a new way to spend time together as a family over the Christmas holidays? Well, look no further! These top 10 printable Christmas games for families will offer hours of fun and memory making moments. Download your favorites and play today.

10 of the Best Printable Christmas Games for Families

10 of the Best Printable Christmas Games for Families

In no particular order - all these printable games are packed full of fun, are easy to play and can be printed and played in minutes. If the question is "What shall we play" - take your pick!

1. Christmas Friendly Feud

Christmas Feud is our best selling and most popular holiday game and for good reason! This hilarious family party game is great for groups and works well for all ages - from the kids to grandma and everyone in between. Gathering into groups you'll challenge each other to guess the top answer to some funny Christmas themed questions. If you get the top answers you'll score the most points for your team, get three incorrect answers and play passes to your opponents!

2. Christmas Blankety Blank

This is a Christmas family game that you'll want to play again and again. Christmas Blankety Blank is an easy fill in the blanks game that packs a lot of fun and good times. Working together in teams can you match answers to silly Christmas themed missing word sentences and score points for your team. Give this one a go ; Billionaire Jeff has so much money that he gold plated his BLANK this Christmas.

3. Christmas True or False

This is the perfect after dinner game - it's relaxed, there are no rules to learn and anyone can play. Better still, you'll all learn something too. This Christmas take it in turns, in groups or playing individually, to guess if a Christmas fact is true or false. Were the first artificial Christmas trees produced by a toilet brush manufacturer, for example? Or does Iceland celebrate 13 different Santa’s at Christmas?

4. Christmas Movie Bingo

The perfect excuse to cosy up of an evening and watch a holiday film together that you all love. From a Home Alone movie marathon, a Hallmark classic or a trip to Miracle on 34th Street ; when you see something on your card represented on screen cross it off. First to cross them all and shout BINGO is the champ. Who wins? In this game - everyone!

5. Save Christmas Puzzle Game

This printable DIY Christmas escape game is aimed at kids and is the perfect way to keep them entertained for a few hours. To solve these puzzles they will need to work together and use critical thinking. Make things more exciting and keep their Christmas Eve box or stocking "locked" until the solution is found.

6. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

A printable activity for the whole family. Matching PJs at the ready, head out in the car or walk your local neighborhood and try to complete the Christmas light scavenger hunt. Can you find and cross off all the items? This is a fun activity for a larger group of kids, as a party or church game.

7. Christmas Photo Challenge

A holiday photo challenge is the perfect way to entertain the family this Christmas. 24 festive creative prompts to interpret and take photos off - this one isn't just for kids! Are you hosting a big Christmas party? Why not provide this game to all your guests in advance and challenge them to complete it and come with their top 5 photos. You could hold a photography competition and give prizes out for the most creative, best use of color, funniest photo and more.

8. Roll a Snowman Dice Game

These Roll a Snowman games are some of my best sellers year on year. It's easy to see why - simple to learn and fun to play. Kids love the tension and jeopardy of rolling dice and the creativity of drawing - the perfect combination. First to complete a drawing of their snowman wins. Didn't win this time? No worries, roll and play again.

9. Christmas Jeoparty Trivia Quiz

The perfect Christmas party trivia game for families and friends. In groups players work together to answer questions, wager points and outsmart their opponents. 

10. Christmas Scattergories Word Game

This light hearted word game make the perfect after dinner game. Whilst you wait for your main course to go down and make room for pudding how many items of winter clothing can you name that begin with S? How about cities beginning with T that Santa visits? If you guess a unique answer you'll score one point. Most points wins the biggest slice of desert.

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